Jackie Chan Movies on DVD / Blu Ray

  • snake in the eagles shadow 01. bild1 565x300 Jackie Chan Movies on DVD / Blu Ray
    Snake In The Eagles Shadow
  • The Young Master LB 3 565x300 Jackie Chan Movies on DVD / Blu Ray
    Young Master
  • dm2 420x223 Jackie Chan Movies on DVD / Blu Ray
    Drunken Master 2
  • rumble2 565x300 Jackie Chan Movies on DVD / Blu Ray
    Rumble In The Bronx
  • POLICE STORY C 565x300 Jackie Chan Movies on DVD / Blu Ray
    Police Story


What are the best Jackie Chan movies on DVD / Blu Ray?


Jackie Chan dvds is a site which lists  every film that Jackie Chan has starred in from 1976 to present day. We do not count his many cameo's or the movies that he produced. It more importantly lists all the Jackie Chan movies on dvd and Blu ray that are available, the different versions released and where to purchase them. Hopefully this is the ultimate Jackie Chan dvds and movie list. I hope you find this site useful and if you wish to contribute or spot any mistakes please let me know. What are the best Jackie Chan dvds?…that depends on what your looking for, uncut, anamorphic widescreen, English dubbed? The good dvds in my opinion tend to come from HK Legends in the UK (a lot of titles now OOP but were re-released by Cine Asia), Dragon Dynasty in the USA and Fortune Star releases in Hong Kong. If you speak Chinese then the French have an amazing list of quality releases but no English subtitles and the Japanese have some great releases too, especially for longer versions of films like Who Am I? and Mr Nice Guy.

Jackie Chan Movies in HD

Note : Blu ray discs tend to be more problematic for a lot of titles. According to a lot of reliable sources over the net, most of the Fortune Star Hong Kong Jackie Chan movies on Blu ray releases are upscales, not true HD. The exceptions to the rule are City Hunter, Armour Of God 2 Operation Condor, the UK release of Rumble In The Bronx and the Japanese release of Heart Of The Dragon. Also the Japanese special edition Blu ray box set of Police Story has the Japanese cut of the film in true HD.  Newer titles not released by Fortune Star are true HD such as New Police Story and his American made movies (Rush Hour, Shanghai Noon etc). Also note a lot of the USA cut and dubbed releases are also true HD. If you have any comments or want to add to the above list just let me know.

New also now is a page that lists some of the best ALL REGION DVD and Blu Ray players available to buy, There really is no need to get caught out on region coding, get a region free player and be able to play discs from anywhere in the world….


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ps2013 Jackie Chan Movies on DVD / Blu Ray

SITES DM BR Jackie Chan Movies on DVD / Blu Ray

Snake In The Eagles Shadow / Drunken Master Blu Ray Box

From Japan, Limited Edition box of these two classic films. 1080P HD transfers, Cantonese language, or Japanese dubbed, Japanese subtitles only. Also includes HD Japanese theatrical versions and a special card set and packaging.


CD JAPAN                     YES ASIA

jc 8 Jackie Chan Movies on DVD / Blu Ray

Jackie Chan 8 film DVD set

Includes Dragon Fist, Magnificent Bodyguards, Battle Creek Brawl, City Hunter, Crime Story, The Protector, Police Story 1 + 2. Anamorphic widescreen, languages TBC. REGION 1.


o condor Jackie Chan Movies on DVD / Blu Ray

Armour Of God 2 : Operation Condor (Uncut)

The new UK DVD and Blu ray release is the full uncut version with original Cantonese with subtitles or original English dub. despite the awful cover art. REGION 2 / B  PAL


dashed blue wide Jackie Chan Movies on DVD / Blu Ray


A big thank you to Chen Lung, JC Legends and Marco & Maurizio, Spannick,  Modano1973 and everyone else for all there contributions. If you wish to contact me with regards mistakes, additions in fact any comments just email me at dgrees@talktalk.net(Dave)